Dolzan Company

Dolzan packaging system


The company Dolzan Impianti srl has been working in the packaging field since 1962. Our success is due to our long experience in this sector and the constant research aiming to improve the performance of our machines. For more than 50 years, we’ve been growing with constancy and determination, building our activity on solid principles, working with passion, and trusting in the future. Our strategy is the result of specific choices bound to success.


Professionalism for us means using advanced and innovative technology, in order to achieve excellent results. It also means to acquire all necessary information and use them in the proper way; it means to study different applications and suggest packing solutions that guarantee your investment in the future.
Our technical department will then engineer your machine according to your packing needs, and will constantly follow it up during construction.


Our research areas are different: besides our tests on weighing, on processing time, on the compactness and life of our systems, our research expands to technology and ergonomics coupled together to make styles of the bag that guarantee a friendly use of the product by the final user.
Another field of research includes our tests on special films for difficult products (liquid, oily or powdery), and our tests on special films with reduced environment impact (biodegradable films) for which we are testing new sealing solutions.


Our flexibility allows our customers to choose among a wide range of solutions, meant to meet different requirements and packing needs, always offering high performing equipment. Our machines are available with different dosing systems and so they may be utilized in different industries: food, pharmaceutical, confectionary, chemistry, mechanical etc.


Nowadays the after sale service is of the highest importance in any industry field. The excellent service we offer to our customers allows them to invest in our products with the assurance that our qualified personnel will always be there to help them and lead them to quick solutions as our only target is the success of your business.