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Dolzan provides packaging solutions for food liquid produts to be dosed in bags.

In more than 60 years of experience we manufactured highly customized packaging solutions for specific applications.

We aim to ensure and guarantee the preservation of the product’s features during the packaging process.

Liquid products, whether more or less viscous, require special attention during the dosing and packaging.

Products: creams, ricotta cream, sauces even with pieces, food gels, sauces, dressings, oil, milk, water, honey, jams, marmalades, and many other products.


Stainless steel vertical packaging machine for liquids. 


All parts that come into contact with the products are made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

Each dosing system is designed and developed according to the characteristics of the products to be dosed; maximum customization is possible thanks to decades of experience in the food industry.

The dosage is easily adjustable by the operator, and thanks to special nozzles, high dosing precision is guaranteed.

Packaging materials can be either thermoplastic or heat-sealable.

The products to be packaged can also contain pieces of various sizes.

The option to install a heated hopper allows for the dosing of products at high temperatures or, if they need to be kept in liquid form for dosing, to maintain their liquid state.

Highly viscous products require special handling systems to be processed, which is ensured by custom-made accessories.

The pouches can come in various shapes: pillow pouches, gusseted pouches, three-hole handle pouches, euroslot pouches, and flat-bottom pouches.

✔ Industry 4.0

✔ MOCA – Declaration for food contact materials

✔ Fast and easy format change

✔ User-friendly interface

Sac-a-poche bags for ricotta cream. 

The cream packaging machines can also create ready-to-use sac-a-poche bags.

Sustainability is a topic to which the company has always paid great attention. For this reason, Dolzan has developed packaging systems that perfectly adapt to the latest generation of sustainable and recyclable films.


♻ Even with 100% recyclable materials.

Contact us for your personalized consultation; our sales team is available to support you in the selection process.


Once we receive the products to be packaged and the packaging materials, our technical department will design a custom integrated solution.

Our technical support service will assist you before, during, and after the purchase, ensuring the highest professionalism and support.


Discover our packaging machine line for liquidshttps://www.dolzan.com/en/portfolio-item/liquidi/

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